How to make a child-safe deck?

Some building codes related to deck-building deal with safety features, but going the extra mile can be necessary when looking to accommodate children’s needs.

Some effective ways that Porch Builders can childproof your deck include:

Quality Materials

Using high-grade materials such as premium wood species or stainless steel can avoid accidents related to splinters or rusting fixtures – as such aspects wouldn’t occur with quality materials. Opting for quality over cost is a good place to start with safety measures.

Baluster Spacing

Most building codes require railing balusters to be a maximum of 4 inches apart. However, you can further minimize these spaces by a further inch or two to ensure that your more flexible children can’t wiggle their way through and fall off the decking. Avoiding horizontal balusters is also advisable to ensure your adventurous offspring don’t attempt a climb to the top of the railing. ,

Install a Deck Gate with Childproof Latches

Integrating a deck gate with your design ensures that the kids don’t end up rushing up and down the porch’s stairs, potentially breaking a limb in the process. A gate will force them to slow down to open the barrier while childproofing the locks makes it impossible for toddlers to access the steps. For effective child-proof decking solutions, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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