All You Need to Know about Composite Decks

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Decks are a great way to integrate an outdoor hosting space into your home, enhancing the overall square footage of the house, improving curb appeal, and raising its market valuation. There are multiple aspects to consider when thinking about adding this extension to your home, with one of the most essential elements being the best material for your needs. 

Homeowners can choose from a range of alternatives when it comes to building materials, and this decision will be influenced by factors such as an individual’s budget, the environment, and intended stylistic direction. One of the materials that have gained popularity in this sector is composite decking. 

What is Composite Decking? 

Composite lumber is an artificial decking material that’s produced via the combination of wood and plastic fibers, and a chemical bonding agent. The combination of natural and synthetic products is designed to provide deck owners with the best of both worlds. The integration of reclaimed plastic fibers and several chemicals makes composite decking resistant to natural threats such as rot, molding, and infestation. It also represents a hardier option that doesn’t easily crack or break upon sudden impact, lowering the expenses involved with Deck Repair services in the future. Capped composite decking is recommended for outdoor structures as it’s encased in a plastic shell that provides an extra layer of protection. 

Benefits of Composite Decking 

Some of the primary advantages of composite decking include: 

  • Composite decking offers great value for money in terms of cost-effectiveness. This alternative represents one of the more affordable decking materials on the market, with cheaper options lacking the quality provided with composite lumber. 
  • Composite decking is also available in a wide array of hues and designs, enhancing the scope of choice available to homeowners. This ensures that individuals can find a perfect solution for their particular needs. Individuals can choose decking that mimics the appearance of natural wood or opt for more colorful approaches such as mosaic layouts when targeting a more modern approach. 
  • The durability of composite decking ensures this extension features minimal maintenance needs, lowering Deck Repair expenses. Its resistance to elements such as rot, infestation, and molding means they boast impressive longevity. 
  • Composite decks also represent an eco-friendly approach as manufacturers in this sector adopt a green approach by using recycled ingredients in their production process. 
  • Many composite decking solutions come in preassembled packages that simplify the installation process, shortening the project timeline. Professional contractors can complete a simple deck installation in a matter of hours. 

What to Consider with Composite Decking 

The popularity of composite decking has led to a rise in the number of suppliers in the market. The quality available with a decking product will depend on the manufacturers involved. Identifying established contractors in the market is an effective means of ensuring you acquire a suitable solution. These firms will also feature several warranties with their services, ensuring you’re financially protected against any subpar products or work. We offer a wide variety of decking solutions, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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