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Benefits of a Floating Deck

If you’re considering building a deck for your home but are looking for a design that stands out from traditional styles, you might want to consider installing a floating deck on your property. Also known as free-standing decks, these structures earn their name because they’re not connected to the house.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy from opting for a floating deck include:


You can enjoy great flexibility regarding where you place this fixture. There are no particular rules when it comes to where you can place your deck, so you have your whole compound at your disposal when making this decision. You can place it among a cluster of trees for maximum shade, or position it just next to the house for lounging purposes.

Easy to Build

Most floating decks involve a simple design that is easy to construct. This aspect saves both time and money. Porch builders are likely to charge a fraction of the price for constructing a freestanding deck as compared to the traditional alternative. The simplicity of the structure also means that the entire process can be completed in a day.

Less Red Tape

Unless you’re dealing with a complicated structure, you don’t usually need a permit to construct a floating deck. This is because freestanding decks are close to the ground and are not connected to the main house. If you’re looking for quality deck-building alternatives, call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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