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Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home

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Numerous homeowners have begun to take on renovation projects as a means of improving the functionality of their houses, enhancing curb appeal, and increasing their residence’s valuation. There are multiple options available in this category, with one of the more popular outdoor remodeling activities including deck construction. Multiple studies have reported that the addition of these extensions has become increasingly trendy since 2018, with this popularity expected to continue over the next few decades. 

If you happen to be thinking about implementing a deck-building construction project as part of your exterior remodeling plans, some of the benefits you can enjoy with such an addition include: 

Impressive Return on Investment (ROI) 

One of the leading advantages of hiring a Deck Repair and construction professional to build an extension is that it’s one of the exterior remodeling options that offer a great return on investment – which refers to the potential profit enjoyed from the capital injected into a venture. According to multiple reports, adding a deck to your home can feature an ROI between 70% to 100%, with few other structures offering similar return levels. It should be noted that the ROI enjoyed will be influenced by factors such as the region involved, the quality of your deck, and the state of the housing market. Nonetheless, very few other renovation projects feature an ROI of over 50%. 

Enhanced Aesthetics 

Another popular advantage of building a residential deck is improved curb appeal, which can be highly influential when looking to place your home on the market. It should be noted that the first aspect potential home buyers notice when examining potential properties is the exterior appearance of the residence. As functional as one’s home might be on the inside, no one is attracted to shabby-looking exteriors, and such an aspect can greatly reduce the overall price that can be tagged to the house. Improved aesthetics can also offer personal benefits – with many homeowners looking to reside in a beautiful abode. 

Increased Square Footage 

Traditional decks are directly connected to the house, making them a technical part of the residence. As a result, adding this fixture to your home can be considered a potential expansion project that comes at minimal costs compared to other ordinary extensions of your home. Expanding one side of your home when dealing with a room can cost tens of thousands of dollars and will involve a massive amount of requirements in terms of building codes, licenses, and permits – building a deck will only cost a fraction of the price but still feature the same result in terms of numbers on the listing. Adding a 20X20 deck to your home, for instance, will allow you to add 400 sq ft to the overall size of your house. This increases the potential resale value of your home as size does matter when it comes to real estate. A deck construction project will also take a significantly shorter period to accomplish and in some cases can even be approached as a DIY venture, depending on the expertise wielded by a homeowner when it comes to construction. 

Hiring a professional is always recommended when seeking quality results, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor! 

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