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Adding a deck to your home has long been a popular trend with home improvement projects in the US. According to a report published by Washington University, over 60% of newly constructed residences feature a deck with their design. The same study states that approximately 2.7 million decks undergo replacement each year, and about 4% of existing homes add this extension to their house annually. These numbers reflect the steady growth of decks in the residential market. 

One of the major elements to consider with a deck construction venture is the best material for the project. The particular alternative you opt for will depend on aspects such as the particular environment involved, available budget, and potential regulations governing the construction. Some of the more popular materials recommended by established Deck Builders include: 

Pressure Treated Lumber 

Timber has long been the go-to solution when it comes to decking materials in the market. This option is a popular solution for outdoor projects because of its affordability, longevity, and durability. As the name suggests, this particular kind of wood is generated by injecting chemical preservatives into natural lumber within a high-pressure environment. This process makes the wood highly resistant to threats such as molding, rot, and infestation. The fact that it’s only minimally more expensive than natural lumber represents great value for money as it features extended longevity and lower maintenance costs compared to untreated wood. The wood still maintains its natural appearance ensuring it maintains the aesthetic levels available with lumber. 

Composite Decking 

Another popular decking material to emerge in recent years is composite lumber. Composite decking is an artificial building material manufactured from a blend of plastic and wooden fibers. A strong bonding agent is used to combine the plastic and wood ingredients into a single material. These options offer superior levels of longevity and durability and are resistant to elements such as molding and infestation because of the integration of plastic fibers. The wood-plastic decking is considered an eco-friendly approach as it’s generally made of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood, playing a role in the conservation of existing trees. The material is available in a wide variety of colors, hues, and styles, ensuring Deck Builders can implement this solution with any type of house. They’re generally categorized into solid, hollow, and capped composite decking. With proper care and maintenance, composite decks can last between 20 and 30 years before requiring replacement. 

Natural Hardwoods 

Lumber is arguably one of the most popular materials in the decking industry. According to Global Market Insights, the wooden decking market exceeded a global valuation of $15 billion in 2020 and was projected to maintain an upwards trajectory between 2021 and 2027. Hardwoods are generally considered the best option in the market when choosing lumber as your primary material. This is due to their higher resistance to mold and infestation, as well as their enhanced longevity when compared to their softwood counterparts. Some of the leading species available in this market include Ipe, Oak, Cumaru, and Teak. Natural lumber is easy to manipulate and is more affordable than several alternatives in the market. 

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