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Custom Deck Design
in Brighton, MA

Building a new deck with Dexksos means addressing structural concerns while exploring fresh layouts and design choices. As a local design-build firm, we prioritize your needs, relishing the blank canvas moment to craft a space tailored just for you.

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Composite Decking
in Brighton, MA

Long-lasting & durable, Dexksos composite decks are a worthwhile investment! Despite the higher price point, this material is low-maintenance and resistant to weather, termites and warping– ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.

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Wood Decking
in Brighton, MA

Whether it’s hardwood or pressure-treated pine, protecting your deck from the elements is our priority, Dexksos paint and stains will complement your lifestyle and surroundings, ensuring a seamless blend with nature’s elements.

Repair and Restoration
in Brighton, MA

Restore your deck to its former glory with our expert repair services! Our knowledgeable specialists will guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

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Porches and Patios
in Brighton, MA

Crafting stunning and functional front porches and screen patios is our specialty. With years of expertise, we bring your outdoor living vision to life, creating spaces perfect for morning coffees or evening soirées.

Patio, Sunroom, Pergola
in Brighton, MA

From custom benches and showers to pergolas, walkways, and fencing, Dexksos has brought local visions to life for over a decade, with expert guidance and transformative consultations.

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We’re the leading deck builder servicing Brighton, MA. We’ve worked with clients in Cambridge, Boston, Newton, Somerville, Lexington, Watertown and Waltham.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the core of Dexksos is our commitment to delivering quality craftsmanship and exceeding expectations.  Every project is a partnership between us and our clients, which we hold as the highest honor and responsibility.  We combine our expertise in the field with thoughtfulness in design, and always with consideration for your goals. 

As a licensed and insured, family-owned business, Dexksos is deeply rooted in integrity, skilled expertise, and dependable excellence. We take pride in our local reputation and connections around the Greater Boston community. Our team is with you from start to finish, offering full design services and comprehensive consultations (from permitting to material selection). Deck building is our specialty and we know from years of experience what makes a truly stunning and useful deck. Please check out for yourself our extensive portfolio of completed projects, read our detailed reviews online, and know that you can trust our team to turn your vision into reality.

Safety first! When deciding whether to repair or replace your deck, the first step is a thorough inspection. While you may consider doing it yourself or with the help of a friend, expertise is key to ensuring that the project meets code requirements. The most important factor is to make sure that your deck is safe and structurally sound.

When to repair: If the existing deck passes the safety check, then it is often possible to remodel a deck by installing new decking, railing, and trim, or to replace certain boards that are in need. This can be a great way to keep costs down while restoring your home’s outdoor space.

When to replace: In some instances the work to repair a deck will approach or even exceed the replacement cost. If your existing deck is more than 20 years old then the answer is usually to demolish completely and build a new deck structure. Our team can help review these factors and determine the best investment based on your goals.

Building a new deck solves every structural question and provides the opportunity to consider new layouts and design choices.  This is where we can get creative. Desksos is a design build firm that is there with you from the beginning. We love the blank canvas moment and custom tailoring a space especially for you.  A good deck is the bridge to the outside world, complementing the house to nature, and to your neighborhood.  Our local and knowledgeable specialist, is equipped to help you through every step: text 978-788-2055 or schedule a brief call HERE.

Although it is often possible for homeowners to pull their own permits, when hiring a contractor it is best to have their company file the project permit according to their scope of work. This ensures that the work is being performed by licensed professionals and also gives the homeowner access to the state insurance fund.

Dexksos removes the hassle by handling all permitting and providing guidance along the way. Our knowledge surrounding building codes, zoning restrictions, and city ordinances ensures your project is completed on time and within budget, while avoiding potential fines for code violations. Permit fees are based on the cost of your deck; each municipality sets its own fees. To estimate your costs with ease, text Dexksos at 978-788-2055 or schedule a brief call HERE.

  1. Define the size and layout of your deck by narrowing down its purpose. Will it serve as an extended living area to dine or entertain? Or is it meant to be an intimate space for storm-watching and lounging nearby? This will shed light on its proximity to your home, the views you’d like to have, the square footage it requires, cut-outs for a firepit or pool and more.
  2. Select a decking material that aligns with your building and budgeting goals. If you prefer a low-maintenance deck that comes at a higher price point, Dexksos would recommend composite material or the cheaper alternative–vinyl. Vinyl is affordable and easy to clean. But can lack in strength and durability, and tends to fade in color. If a painted or stained wood aesthetic caught your eye, we may suggest hardwood or pressure-treated pine. These come at a lower price point, compared to composite, but require recurring treatments to preserve their color and durability. For more insights, see “What materials can I choose from with Dexksos?” FAQ
  3. Explore decking features that seamlessly blend with their surroundings to create a beautifully coordinated display of stylistic expertise! Not ready? We can plan for features if they fall outside of budget now… If stairs are part of the design, Dexksos will help you select railing and balusters to complement your vision. Whether it’s steel, wood, aluminum, cable, glass or more, this choice will depend on the design of your stairs (straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, spiral) and your previously selected decking material (composite, hardwood etc). Additionally, consider the look of your decking trim or perimeter skirt, available in vertical or lattice styles with a variety of colors with diagonal or square patterns to choose from. We even offer custom-built benches to enhance your outdoor oasis! Discover the options available for your dream deck by texting Dexkos at 978-788-2055 or scheduling a call at your convenience HERE.

Grasping the anatomy of your deck is crucial, as it helps ensure the structural integrity, safety and effective upkeep of the outdoor living space. The material chosen (pine, hardwood, composite, etc) defines your decking boards (primary surface/platform for your outdoor activities) and stairs (access points to and from your deck). The vertical posts that support the stability and uphold your deck structure are called posts, with beams or joists service the same purpose horizontally. For a more rigid underfoot feel, beams/joists can be spaced at 12” on center rather than the 16” typical spacing. The ledger board comes in your decking material chosen to horizontally secure and attach the deck to your house or building. The decking trim provides a protective seal to achieve a refined finish for your decking area, capping edges, corners, and exposed sections on decks or steps. This takes into account the parameter skirt, which acts as a cover or barrier around the base to enclose the underside of your deck. The fascia boards are installed bordering the deck surface to cover the end cuts/joists, running along the perimeter of overhanging edges. Lastly, deck footings support the posts and provide stability for the entire deck structure, as a a cast or poured concrete pad placed below the soil line.

Considering budget and maintenance, wood decks like Pressure-Treated Pine or Cedar are cost-effective but require more upkeep (such as water sealing or re-staining). Composite decking is pricier upfront but demands minimal maintenance. When it comes to style, both wood and composite offer customization–with wood allowing for stain or paint choices and composite providing various colors and designs. Composite withstands the heat best and doesn’t swell or splinter like the wood alternatives tend to do. This is especially important for families with young children, pets, (or anyone really) planning to walk barefoot on the deck throughout those hot summer seasons. Dexksos provides unbiased consultation for your unique project, leveraging a decade of experience and technologies: text 978-788-2055 or schedule a call at your convenience HERE.

How you maintain decking can depend on the type of decking, how old it is, if it has been previously treated, and its overall condition. Just as you prepare your home and yard for changing seasons, extend the same attention to the maintenance of your deck. It’s important to inspect its flashing along your home annually, as well as secure the fasteners, regardless of the material type. If the a wooden deck’s coating is starting to look tired or worn (as long as the finish is intact and hasn’t started to crack, peel or flake off), a renewal application will usually revive it by cleaning and applying a fresh coat of compatible decking paint, oil or stain. Find out more about decking care, maintenance and finishes by texting 978-788-2055 or scheduling a call at your convenience HERE.

Discover the epitome of quality and durability with Dexksos, as we partner with and seamlessly integrate top-tier brands for installation, primarily TimberTech, Trex, Atlantis Rail Systems, RDI, and Westbury Aluminum Railing to ensure both style and substance for your outdoor oasis!

From custom benches and built-in gardens, to pergolas, walkways, fencing and more, Dexksos’s custom design services and comprehensive consultations will transform your dream into a reality! With a decade of decking experience building in expansive backyards, tight outdoor quarters and beyond, Dexksos are committed to delivering holistic project satisfaction. Prove your time worthwhile: text us at 978-788-2055 or schedule a conversation at your convenience HERE.


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