Building a Deck on a Budget

A deck with a white wood chair in a house in Cambridge MA build by Dexksos deck builders

One of the primary aspects that make some homeowners a bit hesitant about adding a deck to their home is the costs involved. Contrary to popular belief, however, building this extension doesn’t have to cost a small fortune when approached with the right strategy. There are several ways you can lower overall costs when constructing this extension, some of these include:

Treated Wood

Wood is one of the most affordable materials available in the market when you’re looking for quality. If you choose this material, however, you should go for treated alternatives rather than natural wood. The latter is prone to multiple external elements and can suffer from issues such as rot and mold.

Opt for Classic Designs

One element that raises Deck Builders costs is the implementation of complicated designs such as multilevel decks and wraparound alternatives. Going for the traditional rectangular or square shape is a great way to keep expenses down. Simpler designs can also be completed in a short period, which can further lower overall costs.

Target the Off-Season

Spring and summer represent the peak seasons when it comes to deck-building ventures. The friendly weather available during these periods has made them a popular choice for many homeowners. Building in the late fall is a great way to find better deals in the market. For reliable deck-building services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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