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Building a Deck on a Budget

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Adding a deck to your home can have multiple benefits when handled appropriately. Not only does this extension enhance the levels of curb appeal enjoyed with your residence, but it also increases its resale value should you ever want to put your house on the market. One of the aspects that make many homeowners a bit hesitant about undertaking such a venture is the potential expenses related to such a venture. 

Contrary to popular belief, building a deck doesn’t have to involve the resources of a small nation to accomplish. There are several strategies that when implemented can play a significant role in mitigating the potential budget concern. Some effective tips Deck Builders recommend when working on an installation venture with a limited budget include: 

Keep it Simple and Straightforward 

One of the most effective ways of getting the most bang for your buck with a decking venture is by scaling down your approach and simplifying your design. The larger the square footage of your extension, the more it’s likely to cost. The same can be said for any intricacies and conventions involved with your design. The more bells and whistles involved with a structure, the higher the construction and maintenance fees. By opting for an orthodox square or rectangular shape with an average size ranging between 10X10 and 20X20, you reduce multiple expenses including labor, supplies, and permit applications. A good contractor will tell you that you don’t need a complex design and outlandish features to make this section a worthwhile space. A traditional design can have just the same level of elegance as one with thrills and frills. 

Choosing the Right Materials 

Lumber is always the recommendable option when undertaking a deck installation on a mitigated budget. It offers the most affordable solution in the market and is featured in millions of homes across the country. The pricing of your decking project will depend on the particular timber involved. Hardwoods such as Oak, Teak, and Ipe are generally recommended for any exterior renovation project as they represent the hardiest solutions. They are also the priciest options in this particular category. Opting for softwoods such as Pine and some Redwoods is advisable when looking to lower supply expenses while maintaining adequate levels of quality. The most affordable alternative in the wood category is pressure-treated lumber. This option is made from several types of species and can be produced using reclaimed wood – making it an eco-friendly option. As the name suggests, pressure-treated lumber has been infused with chemical agents to enhance its durability. 

Target the Off Season 

A good way of getting the best prices in the market is by scheduling your installation for the off-peak season of this industry. Being an exterior renovation project, a large majority of people tend to build their decks during spring and summer. These seasons offer great weather and are chock-full of holidays and sunny weekends. Planning your deck-building project for late fall or early winter is a good way to find contractors offering unbelievable deals due to the scarcity of the market. 

We offer a wide variety of decking services at affordable prices during any season, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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