Childproofing your Deck

A close view of stairs and rail deck build in Cambridge MA by Dexksos

An essential aspect of designing your deck involves childproof solutions, especially if you have kids under the age of three running about. As aesthetically appealing as these additions are, safety isn’t an aspect that should be sacrificed for improved curb appeal.

There are multiple guidelines dealing with safety integrated into your local building codes, although some additional ways your Deck Repair and design expert can childproof your deck include:

Railing Design

Your rail’s balusters should be vertical and placed less than three inches apart from each other. This will ensure that smaller toddlers don’t manage to squeeze through the space. It’s also essential to avoid horizontal rails, as such designs are easier to climb.

Blocking the Stairs

Installing a baby gate at the front of the stairs is another easy way to enhance safety levels. You can add a childproof latch to ensure your small one doesn’t learn how to gain access past this obstacle. Adding this feature is also a great way to enhance your overall curb appeal.

Installing a Designated Playpen

Creating a designated playpen with the use of baby fences that mark out a certain area can keep your small ones from straying to more dangerous sections of the deck. Adding a few toys that are too bulky to move can be a good way of ensuring they remain distracted in one spot. For affordable childproofing services for your deck, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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