Common Deck-Building Mistakes

There are several essential aspects to consider when looking to add a deck to your home. The decision-making process required with construction can determine the potential for satisfactory results.

Some common mistakes homeowners make when building a deck include:

Selecting the Wrong Materials

The material you choose for your deck must be suitable for the climatic conditions in your area. Professional deck builders will advise you to figure in long term costs when considering your alternatives. Natural wood might be the most affordable material, for instance, but will require regular replacement – significantly raising your maintenance costs.

Failure to Seal the Deck

As mentioned earlier, your deck should be able to withstand the various external elements, as well as the continued friction experienced with foot traffic. Adding sealant provides the extra protection your deck needs to enhance durability. It’s essential to seal your deck as soon as possible, as unprotected wood can quickly deteriorate when left exposed.

Using Weak Footers

The footers installed for your deck should be designed for heavy-duty use. The footings under your deck should be able to bear the weight of the deck and its contents. Weak footers are likely to crumble under continued pressure and require a costly rebuilding project to address. If you’re looking for reliable deck builders in your area, call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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