Common Deck Safety Hazards

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Enjoying the benefits available with a deck requires a homeowner to ensure that the area is adequately maintained and up to par with building codes. If your deck is over a decade old, ensuring safety levels is an aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Some common safety hazards you can address with a Deck Repair include:

Open Risers

Many stair designs don’t always take into consideration the potential tripping hazards that an open riser represents. Risers refer to the space that lies between the different treads of a staircase. Some regional building codes don’t allow risers that can allow a four-inch diameter sphere to pass through the space.

Loose Floorboards

Loose floorboards represent another safety hazard, especially when located along the edges of the deck. Individuals can trip over such sections, tumbling over the structure, or draw blood from a knick when they come into contact with a raised floorboard. In some severe cases, one might step through the board and potentially break their leg.

Loose Handrails

Any deck 30 inches above ground requires railings according to building codes in multiple regions. Ensuring these rails are steady and can support a sufficient amount of weight is another necessity. Falling as a result of a disengaged railing can be quite dangerous. If you’re looking for certified deck safety inspection services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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