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Deck-Building Permits and Requirements

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A common aspect some people don’t consider concerning deck building projects is the need for a permit. Home Owners Associations (HOAs) have a variety of regulations that govern different construction and remodeling projects, but the absence of this governing body doesn’t mean that you’re free and clear.

Submitting Plans for a Permit

Getting a permit involves the submission of a scaled drawing of your planned structure. Established deck repair and construction companies can easily develop these sketches with the help of architectural software, as well as submit the plans on your behalf. Hiring a professional for this stage is essential, as failure will bring the entire project to a halt.

When do you need a Permit?

You’ll need a permit if your deck is attached to the entryway of your house and is over 30 inches in height. With this in mind, it can be argued that unless you’re building a unique structure (which will undoubtedly require other permits), you’ll need to get a deck-building permit to commence your project.

Consequences of Ignoring a Permit

Failure to get a permit will not only lead to hefty fines but will require you to demolish the deck at your own expense. In some cases, you might even be required to pay back taxes as a result of this addition. If you’re looking for an established company to guide you through your deck-building project, call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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