Deck Shading Solutions

If you’re looking for effective upgrade solutions for your deck at affordable rates, the provision of adequate shade for the hotter times of the day is a good place to start. There are multiple alternatives to choose from, and your final decision will depend on aspects such as your budget, personal preferences, and related HOA regulations.

Some excellent shade solutions available from established Porch Builders include:

Adding a Pergola

Pergolas are a great means of providing a shade solution without necessarily barring the sunlight from reaching the surface. It also significantly enhances the overall curb appeal of this section, and you can implement a green approach and additional shade by cultivating climbing vines along its structure.

Sun Sails

Sun sails are large pieces of fabric that are anchored along several points above the deck to provide effective shading solutions. These are one of the more affordable solutions available in the market and are quite easy to install and remove. Their versatility means you can integrate them with multiple deck designs.

Adding Patio Table Umbrellas

These oversized umbrellas connected to a table are another simple means of providing shade solutions to particular parts of your deck. They are also available in multiple designs and can come equipped with lighting fixtures for when the sun sets. If you’re seeking reliable shade solutions for your deck, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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