Enhancing Resale Value with a Decking Project

custom wood house deck build by Dexksos in Salem MA

If you’re thinking about putting your home up on the market, taking on a few renovation and remodeling ventures can be a good way to enhance the potential price you can put on the listing. One of the more popular options available when it comes to exterior solutions is deck installations. Adding this extension to your home automatically enhances the resale value of your home when the structure is constructed according to building codes. 

Remodeling Magazine released a report in 2021 that stated a wooden deck can recoup up to over 60% of its value. Some of the ways you can enhance your home’s valuation when hiring a Deck Repair and building specialist include: 

Increased Square Footage 

A traditional deck is directly connected to your home making it part and parcel of the entire residence. As such, the overall square footage of your house increases with the addition of a deck. One of the general rules of thumb in real estate is that the size of a property has a direct relation to its potential valuation. As such, the bigger your home, the higher its valuation. 

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that adding a humongous deck to your home doesn’t mean that its resale value will automatically skyrocket. It can likely take the opposite route as a result of the potentially grotesque display that such a misproportion will bring. Established contractors recommend that a deck should never be larger than the biggest room in your home. 

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

Adding a deck to your home automatically enhances its overall appearance. The presence of this extension is a great way to improve the aesthetic levels of a residence. When properly installed this extension will automatically instill a sense of classic elegance in your home, giving it a beautiful entryway. Your deck can also be used to create a welcoming and relaxing ambiance to your home through the addition of a lounge setting where you can rest and let your hair down with friends and loved ones. Integrating recessed and smart lighting can also be another effective means of influencing your deck’s atmosphere. Soft lights such as yellows and reds can create a laid-back atmosphere, while brighter alternatives such as white and blues can create a more peppy environment for hosting small gatherings. 

Increased Enjoyment

The addition of a deck can also enhance the potential attractive levels of a house for personal reasons. The National Association of Realtors have developed what they refer to as a “joy rating” whose measurements range from one to ten. As the name suggests, the joy rating measures the potential joy renovations can bring to a homeowner. According to this gauging practice, decks have been given a rating of 9.8/10 because of several reasons. According to the NAR, 74% of homeowners who were surveyed about adding a deck to their homes experienced an increased sense of enjoyment with the addition of this extension. 77% experienced a sense of accomplishment with a deck-building project, and 81% were drawn to spending more time at home after the project was completed. The same findings can be attributed to potential homebuyers, leading to such clients being more attracted to homes with decks, and as such are willing to increase their offer for a home with an extension. 

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