Enhancing Security on your Deck

a wood deck house and porch build with yellow lightning at evening build by Andover MA deck builders Dexksos

Your deck can be a great space to rest and relax after a long hard day or host a small gathering for friends and family when celebrating special events. If you’re planning on utilizing this area as a hosting space, there’s a high likelihood that you will integrate several upgrades in this section to make the extension a more enjoyable space. The inclusion of amenities such as decking furniture and entertainment systems means that you’ll need to enhance the security levels of the area in a bid to protect the aforementioned amenities. 

Some of the elements to consider when hiring Deck Builders to enhance the security levels of your deck include: 

Installing Security Lights 

It’s worth noting that one of the best residential security strategies that can be implemented by homeowners is the integration of an aversion that keeps potential intruders away. Studies have revealed that burglars tend to target homes that they can easily enter and exit unseen. Security lights greatly enhance visibility, automatically dissuading potential raiders in the process. If you would rather not have bright lights shining through your windows you can install motion-sensor lighting that will only be activated when an individual crosses the threshold of your deck. You should keep in mind that you might need to apply for an electrical permit before its installation if you don’t already have a power source on your deck. There are also several battery-powered options available in the market. 

Boundary Fencing 

Blocking the contents of your deck from sight is another effective means of enhancing the security of your extension. This is an especially advisable strategy when working with a deck with significant features such as an expensive seating area or a modern entertainment system. Obscuring such features from view can prevent potential burglars from targeting your home. In this scenario, their ignorance can be your bliss. This feature also offers excellent protection against the elements during cold, windy nights. It can also greatly enhance the overall curb appeal of your home. 

Installing Camera Surveillance 

Camera surveillance offers a dual service in terms of security. Its presence is one of the greatest deterrents to invaders, especially when more than one camera is involved. Burglars will avoid surveillance systems for the same reason that many intruders wear gloves – to avoid leaving evidence. As mentioned earlier, burglars tend to gravitate to targets they believe they can easily accomplish without getting caught. Leaving video surveillance behind is something that they would like to avoid, even when masked. However, if your home does fall victim to an invasion, a surveillance system enhances the chances of catching the culprits. 

Posting Warning Signs 

As insignificant as it might seem, hanging up one or two warning signs directed at potential trespassers can be effective against amateur intruders such as first-time desperate intruders or teenage pranksters. The signs can involve several messages including the presence of surveillance cameras and prosecution charges. 

We offer a wide variety of decking security solutions at affordable rates, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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