Enhancing your Deck’s Longevity

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A popular myth about decks is that they’re expensive to maintain, but this can’t be further from the truth. Proper maintenance of your deck can be easily accomplished through a variety of general practices, enhancing their longevity in the process.

Some of the common ways you can enhance your deck’s longevity include:

Sealing the Surface

Applying a sealer is a practice that’s recommended with all types of decks no matter the material. Many people mistakenly think that wood is the only deck material that requires this service, but even hardier alternatives like natural stone could do with this additional protection. A sealer protects the surface from external elements and stains.

Regular Cleaning

Sweeping and mopping your deck’s surface regularly is one of the most underrated maintenance strategies involved with decks. However, ensuring that no debris is stuck between the boards and joists can avoid potential issues such as rotting and insect infestation. It also only takes a few minutes to accomplish.

Addressing Minor Problems as Early as Possible

If you come across any problems such as loose flooring boards, or sections suffering from water damage or rot – addressing these issues as soon as possible can prevent their spread and lower repair costs. It’s never wise to procrastinate notable problems if you’re looking to mitigate maintenance expenses. For reliable deck repair services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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