Enhancing your Deck’s Privacy

Mid framing from hot tub side deck build in Cambridge MA by Decksos

A deck offers a wide variety of opportunities regarding functionality and intended purpose. You can transform this area into an outdoor entertainment space or create a cozy little nook where you can catch up on some reading. You might also want to consider enhancing the levels of privacy available.

Some effective ways that Cambridge MA Deck Builders can enhance your deck’s privacy include:

Deck Privacy Walls

Installing walls along the perimeter of your deck can provide a semi-private enclosure for this space. These fixtures can also enhance the aesthetics of the area when implementing a stylistic approach with its addition, and it’s also a great way to protect yourself against cold breezes during the chillier evenings.

Integrating a Leafy Perimeter

Planting a few trees and shrubbery can be another effective means of enhancing the privacy available. This is a great solution for nature lovers who own their home or have a long-term lease as it will take a few months at the least to implement. Some great alternatives for natural fences include bamboo, thuja, and rose of Sharon.

Installing a Trellis

A trellis may not offer maximum privacy, but it will make it difficult for people to peer into your deck unless they’re up close. It also greatly enhances the aesthetics available and can be incorporated with climbing vines to enhance the privacy available. For reliable deck-privacy solutions, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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