Enhancing your Deck’s Stairs

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Building a deck is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Even traditional deck designs have several aspects and sections that an individual must focus on when looking for quality results. One of these areas is the stairs.

Safety Precautions

The stairs represent one of the more dangerous sections of a deck’s features. This area can be a serious hazard when built incorrectly or poorly maintained. Any sort of rush up or down the steps can lead to a serious accident in the wrong circumstances, as the gradient makes it easier for people to easily trip or misstep when hurrying.

Building Codes

Hiring professional Porch Builders is essential when looking to ensure that you meet all the building codes. Different regions have varying codes governing their decking structures, but some regulations are more or less similar. Treads, for example, should be at least 10 inches from front to back, while the vertical rise between steps should not exceed 7.25 inches.


Adding lighting fixtures to your stairs is a great way to enhance safety levels. You can place these fixtures on light posts or ingrained into the steps themselves. Recessed lighting has become a popular option as it decreases the chances of damage and enhances aesthetics. If you’re looking for a reliable deck builder for your home, look no further, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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