Excellent Ways to Childproof Your Deck

A house porch build in Cambridge MA by Dexksos

There are numerous styles and designs available with a deck project, and suitability in this regard will depend on your particular needs. If you’re raising a budding family, one of the key issues to consider is child safety.

Some effective ways that Deck Builders can childproof this area include:

Steer Clear of Horizontal Rails

Children will take any opportunity to scale heights they haven’t attained before (pun intended). Horizontal rails may offer a unique aesthetic appeal, but they also make it easy for a child to climb up to the top of the railings, as the balusters can be used as steps in their endeavor.

Ramps over Stairs

Many people regard ramps as a senior-friendly solution, but they can also work as a safety enhancement when dealing with small children. If your little ones keep running in and out of the house, ensuring that they can easily navigate their way across the porch to access the yard can avoid accidental tumbles during their games.

Minimal Space between Vertical Rails

It’s also essential to ensure that the spacing between the balusters in the railing isn’t wide enough for a child to squeeze their way through. These fixtures should be set three inches apart at the most to avoid such dangers. We offer excellent childproofing solutions for your decking needs, so call us today! Dexksos, your top-rated contractor!

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