Finding the Right Deck for your Personality

Newton lower falls composite deck table and couch by Dexksos deck builders in Cambridge MA

There are numerous elements to consider when adding a deck to your home. As long as you stick to the regional safety guidelines established by your area’s building codes, there is a wide range of alternatives to choose from, especially if you’re not governed by any HOA regulations.

Identifying a style that suits your personality is not an issue that many think about when working with Deck Repair and building contractors. Choosing a design that suits your intended purpose and personal preferences is essential in enhancing overall satisfaction with the results.


The kind of furniture you integrate into this space will depend on your personality. Lawn chairs or wicker settees, for example, are great for individuals who would like to lounge and relax after a long day, while decking benches and ottomans are a great solution for individuals looking to host multiple people.

Color Schematics

Suitable color schemes will also be influenced by an individual’s personality. If you’re a bright and peppy person, for instance, integrating light hues such as sky blue, yellow, and natural greens can bring the place to life. If you would like more of a subdued environment, you can blend grays and browns with darker alternatives such as navy blue and mahogany.

We offer a wide range of decking decor and style solutions, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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