Finding the Right Framework for your Decking

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A lot of people tend to focus on the final result when working on a decking project instead of the different cogs and pieces that ensure the overall structure functions efficiently. This issue is generally left to the contractor while homeowners focus on matters having to do with aspects such as appearance. One of the sectors that should never be ignored, however, is the framework of the structure. 

Your deck’s framework is its underlying support network and plays a significant role in crucial factors such as safety, stability, and longevity. Cambridge MA Deck Builders generally recommend two options available when it comes to deck frameworks, wood, and metal. 

Lumber Decking Frameworks 

Wood is arguably the more affordable of the two alternatives as it’s a more sourceable material. However, it’s essential to make the right choice when deciding between the different species available. It’s essential to remember that a deck’s framework will be dealing with several elements that might not affect the surface. With the footers buried underneath the ground, for instance, it’s crucial to watch out for threats such as water and moisture damage, warping, and infestation. As such, the final choice you make with your framework should focus on resisting the elements found in a natural environment. 

Hardwoods are generally the best option when it comes to deck frameworks because of their longevity and resistance to natural elements. Alternatives such as Teak, Oak, and Ipe will work great for such endeavors. If you’re looking for a more affordable option in the market, pressure-treated lumber is a great alternative for your needs. This option consists of timber that has been 

infused with chemicals that enhance its resistance to pests and other environmental threats. The last option to consider in this category is composite wood decking. This is an artificial material made of a blend of wood and plastic shards combined with a bonding agent. This material is slightly more expensive than pressure-treated lumber but offers higher levels of durability and longevity. The kind of wood you choose for your framework will also affect the construction of your frame due to attributes like easily splintering under pressure. Some species will not hold under pressure, making them more likely to split when individuals are trying to anchor different pieces to the structure. Fasteners such as common nails, for instance, will likely split weak softwoods if driven with too much force, while spiral nails can be quite difficult to remove leading to similar results during repair and upgrade ventures. 

Metal Decking Frames 

Metal frames have become the more popular framework solution available with deck construction in recent years because of the significant increase in durability and longevity compared to their wooden counterparts. A majority of Cambridge MA Deck Builders recommend this option for modern decking solutions, with steel alloys generally representing the best alternative in this category. Steel frames also generally come in a prefabricated format making them easier to install. However, hiring a professional is highly recommended when looking to ensure quality results. 

Although metal frames are technically more expensive than their wooden counterparts, they can be considered a cheaper option in the long term. This is due to its significantly higher levels of longevity and durability, meaning you don’t have to keep replacing the underbelly of your extension every few years. Whereas wooden frameworks can last for up to 20 years with proper maintenance, steel frames can last for over 5 decades with the same level of care.

If you’re seeking a wide variety of decking framework solutions for your extension, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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