General Deck Maintenance Needs

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If your home features a decking area, its hosting capabilities can be greatly enhanced with the proper utilization of this space. There are multiple types of decks available, but they all feature a general set of guidelines when it comes to care and maintenance.

Some maintenance practices recommended by a majority of Cambridge MA Deck Builders include:

Regular Sweeping

Sweeping the decking surface at least once a day is a simple way of encouraging longevity and maintaining quality. The buildup of debris tends to cause problems such as infestation, rot, and molding. Clearing dead leaves, soil and any other dirt from the area ensures the surface stays clean, dry, and insect-free.

Applying Sealer

You should make a point of applying sealer to your deck at least once a year. This gives it extra protection against external elements such as harsh weather and consistent foot traffic. A sealer will also preserve the surface, encourage moisture resistance and discourage the formation of cracks.

Regular Inspections

Hiring contractors to conduct an official inspection every two to three years can help you catch any underlying problems before they become rampant. These professionals will examine areas that you’re unlikely to consider with an amateur inspection, such as the undercarriage, ledger, and footers. We offer reliable, affordable deck-inspection services, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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