Great Makeover Ideas for an Old Porch

A deck build in the backyad of a wooden house built by Dexksos the best deck builders in Cambridge MA

Like any other part of the house, a deck requires some TLC to ensure it maintains its functionality. If your porch is several decades old, you might want to think about instigating a remodel. Some great makeover ideas you can implement when looking to revamp an old porch include:

Installing Metal Steps and Railings

You can replace areas such as the porch steps and railings with stainless steel during deck repair. This can greatly enhance the longevity of these fixtures. Metal railings will also not suffer from issues such as water damage, wood infestation, or rot. This makes it a more reliable safety feature compared to wooden alternatives.

Eco-friendly Borders

A budget-friendly means of enhancing the curb appeal of your porch is to implement a green borderline along the edges of the structure. You can accomplish this by planting strips of miniature gardens along the front and sides of the porch, or setting up flower boxes along the borderline when dealing with concrete surfaces.

Installing Columns along the Entrance

Constructing a couple of pillars at the front of the deck steps or along the entrance can give your deck an elegantly exquisite look. These columns can be included purely for aesthetics or can serve as a means of extra support for the structure. Hiring professional deck builders to handle your remodel gives you multiple makeover options, so call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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