Great Ways to Upgrade Your Deck

Mahogany Deck build on the second story a house with a white chair by deck builders Dover MA Dexksos

Adding a deck to your home can have a large number of benefits when done correctly. This extension can effectively enhance the curb appeal of your home, as well as improve its overall functionality in the process. There are multiple strategies you can implement when looking to install this structure, transforming this space from an ordinary outdoor section to a bespoke solution with improved hosting solutions. If your home already has a deck, upgrading this area can also be a great way to enhance the house’s resale value. Numerous studies have reported that upgrading your deck can have a return on investment of up to 70% with the right strategy. 

Some great ways that Deck Builders can upgrade your deck include: 

Heated Flooring 

The winter season can be quite difficult depending on your particular region, and nights and early mornings tend to be colder in general – no matter the area. As such, heated flooring has gained popularity for most outdoor projects, including decks and patios. This solution greatly enhances comfort levels allowing individuals to spend time in this sector at any time of the day. Heated flooring also offers a great option regarding snow-melting solutions for homeowners residing in colder regions. The approach adopted with the heating system will be greatly influenced by the design of the deck and the materials involved. Some of the more popular solutions available in this category include snow-melting cables, hot air vents, and portable heating mats. Depending on the solution chosen, you might need to apply for an electrical permit before undertaking the project. 

Installing Privacy Screens 

One of the major challenges of outdoor structures such as decks has to do with privacy concerns. If your extension is located at the front of your house, individuals might not like the idea of being susceptible to the prying eyes of everyone who goes past their residence. Installing a privacy screen is an effective means of dealing with this problem while mitigating the potential budget involved. This solution can also be a good way of improving aesthetics, with established Deck Builders offering a wide array of designs that can be integrated with different stylistic directions. The simplicity of the structure also means that it can be installed in a few hours and features minimal labor costs. Privacy screens can also instill a higher sense of security, especially when the deck features various other components such as an entertainment system or outdoor furniture. 

Installing Electrical Outlets 

Another simple means of enhancing the functionality of your deck is through the integration of electrical outlets. Technology has been integrated into all parts of life, meaning the need for access to plugs is a requirement that can’t be easily ignored. If you’re planning on spending extended periods in this area, having a place where you can plug in your devices can be crucial to the overall enjoyment and comfort levels available. This is another upgrade that will involve the application for an electrical permit due to the nature of the upgrade involved. Hiring established contractors to handle the installation is also recommended to ensure quality and safety levels. 

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