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There’s nothing quite like enjoying your private backyard oasis; A place where you’re free to relax, and where life-long memories are made. At Dexksos, we’re not simply another deck-building company - here today and gone tomorrow - we’re here to build friendships that last a lifetime with every interaction. With that in mind, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards and we’re confident that every deck we build is a testament to our quality, integrity, and professionalism. We show up on time, offer fair, competitive pricing, and have fun along the way.

When it comes to our favorite topic, deck building, there are two main categories to chat about: composite decking and wood decking.

custom wood house deck build by Dexksos in Hingham MA
custom tables and floor deck builders in Hingham MA by Dexksos


As most are probably aware, there’s no real competition when it comes to the longevity of composite decking versus wood. Composite outlasts wood every time, as it’s made of recycled plastics (including recycled milk jugs and shopping bags) and wood fibers that rarely ever require maintenance. Never again will you be required to stain, sand, refinish or seal your composite deck! Composite decks come in at a higher price point, but we think you’ll find the difference is well worth the initial investment.

Choosing the deck that’s right for you is an important step, as you consider the best fit for you, your family, and your budget. Composite decking allows some customization in that you can select from a wide array of colors to suit the exact look you’re aiming for. Another neat aspect of installing composite decking is that we screw into the sidewalls of your deck boards, so you’ll always have that perfectly finished look with no unsightly screws showing through. Wood decking, on the other hand, is higher in maintenance and is prone to wear and tear regularly. Both certainly have their advantages and disadvantages.

Composite decking, and the ability to customize the look to match your home’s appearance, is something strong to consider. It’s no secret that some of the best decks we’ve built highly compliment the features of a home. Composite decking has come a long way in recent years, now with the option of a natural wood grain look and feel, composite doesn’t mean compromising aesthetically for a deck investment that will last so much longer.

Composite decking is a more substantial investment when considering your budget, but it’s sure to be the best option when it comes to (very) limited continued maintenance. Unlike wood decking that’s susceptible to warping, splintering, rot, mold, mildew, and insect attacks, composite decking provides the same styling flexibility as wood, without the hassle of rigorous ongoing annual maintenance. Made with recycled materials and wood fibers, composite decking is designed in such a way that sanding, refinishing and staining aren’t required - ever! From a budget perspective, you can expect to pay nearly twice as much as traditional wood decking, but you’ll save a great deal of money in the long run and certainly have more family time to enjoy!

WOOD DECKS in Hingham MA

If composite decking is a stretch for your current budget OR simply not the flavor you’re looking for, a wood deck is a phenomenal choice. Wood decks come with some great options, too. The most common is pressure-treated pine (PTP), a softwood. Pine is the most cost-effective option available and is typically readily available at local hardware stores.

With softwoods like Pressure Treated Pine, ongoing maintenance is often required to prevent the wood from rotting, decaying, insect attacks, or mold and mildew issues. As part of ongoing maintenance, a sealer is highly recommended to be applied, helping to keep water from seeping into the wood, which helps prevent rot. A good water sealer will ensure water “pools” on top of the wood, preventing it from making its way down through the wood where some of the major issues could develop.

a wood deck house and porch build with yellow lightning at evening build by Hingham MA deck builders Dexksos

Cedarwood decking is the second most common wood decking material. Also a softwood, Cedar is naturally less vulnerable to rot and decay compared with Pressure Treated Pine. It will, however, experience rot and decay eventually throughout its life without proper care, and will require a water sealant much like PTP. If annual maintenance is performed and properly completed, your cedar deck could last as long as 20 to 25 years!

Many folks choose to go with wood decking because of the wood's natural beauty, and its warm, aesthetically pleasing appearance. Wooden decks just naturally feel good! Although the price tag on wooden decks is generally less than composite, the maintenance schedule is sure to keep you busy. Selecting the wood that’s right for you is key, and knowing how to properly maintain your wooden deck will help ensure its longevity for many, many years. From Pressure-Treated Pine, cedar and redwood, to more expensive hardwood options, the possibilities are endless!
Contact us today to get started on your wood decking quote!

deck repair in the lawn of a house by Hingham MA deck builders Dexksos Inc.


As inconvenient as it is, replacing deck boards and railings on wooden decks goes a long way to increasing your deck’s lifespan. That’s why we do our best to educate every client we work with, ensuring proper maintenance schedules are adhered to, and at the first sign of warping, rot, or other issues, taken care of as soon as possible.

Ensuring loose railings are secured as you encounter them, and replacing deck boards as required will make all the difference.

If you require a deck repair, give us a call and we’ll ensure your deck is in tip-top shape.


When the weather outside is frightful, a porch can be so delightful. There’s no better place to be than curled up with your favorite book, sipping a hot cup of tea (or coffee, we don’t judge), and listening to the storm from the safety and shelter of your dream porch. At Dexksos, we’re your certified porch builder with a mission of making that dream a reality.

Whether you’re looking to spend more time outdoors with your family, or simply for fresh air (during a crazy storm), we’ve got you covered, literally. Contact us today and get started on designing and building the porch of your dreams!

a wood deck house and porch build with yellow lightning at evening build by Hingham MA deck builders Dexksos
sunroom and patio build by best deck builders in Hingham MA, Dexksos Inc.


At Dexksos, we go beyond decking! We’re passionate about helping you enjoy your entire backyard. Whether that’s a custom-built dream patio, sunroom, or pergola, we’ve got the skills and experience to make your backyard shine! With a huge selection of custom designs, stain colors, and wood sizes, we can make any of these projects a reality, allowing you to soak up the sun in every season; A perfect place to spend quality family time, park your hot tub and enjoy everything life has to offer.

Reach out today, and get started on a backyard project as unique as you are!



We will only use the highest quality of materials for your project, from brands like Trex, TimberTech, and more!


Whether you decide on a composite or wood deck, our mission is to ensure your utmost confidence in selecting us as your Hingham MA Deck Builder. Satisfied client experience is what motivates us. Knowing that we played a role in enhancing the curb appeal of your home and increasing your property value is both exciting and motivating - and something we take very seriously. Exceptional customer service is something we always strive for, and creating a final product you’re thrilled with and excited to share with others is what keeps us going. We’re known to use only the best of the best in quality products available to us, ensuring your deck is enjoyed for many, many years.

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Which is more affordable? Wood or Composite?

- If budget is a factor, wood decks (Pressure-Treated Pine, Cedar, etc) will most likely be your best option. However, as stated above, wood decking requires considerably more maintenance throughout the life of the deck. That said, composite decking is a larger upfront investment, but with next to zero maintenance ongoing, may be worth the higher price tag.

In terms of figures, our experience shows an average wood deck will cost $3k to $5k less than an average composite deck. However, producers of composite decking are certainly aware of the substantial price difference in materials, and they are working hard to find ways to make composite decking more affordable for everyone.

Which Product Offers the Most Flexibility in Style Options?

- We understand wanting to ensure your deck reflects your vision for your home, space requirements, and personal design preferences! Both wood and composite decking offer custom, unique styling options. For example, with wood decks, you have the option of Cedar, Redwood, Pressure Treated Pine, or even hardwoods. From there, select your stain or paint colors that suit your vision.

Keep in mind that with wood decks, painting and/or staining is required regularly, unlike composite.

Composite decking offers the ability to “set it and forget it”, and comes in many different styling options. From modern to earthy, there’s a color and style for every backyard oasis.

What Would You Say Is More Pleasant to Use Daily - Composite or Wood?

- I’m sure we’ve ALL been there: you walk outside of the house on a hot summer’s day, take that first step onto the deck only to instantly realize this deck is hot enough to fry an egg on. Those are the moments we’d like to prevent. We’re in this to help you find the perfect deck for all aspects of your life, including your feet!

The short answer is, when it comes to heat, both wood and composite decking tend to get very hot. The biggest difference, however, is that composite decking will withstand the heat much better and doesn’t swell or splinter like traditional wooden decks tend to. This is especially important for families with young children, pets, (or anyone really) planning to walk barefoot on the deck throughout those hot summer seasons.

In our opinion, composite decks have the upper hand when it comes to personal comfort.

More Frequently Asked Questions

So much of that depends on your project and desires. Both composite decking and wood decking have pros and cons that are worth considering. Give us a call and we can discuss your project!
The main purpose of a rail is safety. And that depends on the height, spacing, materials, and fasteners. Wood is traditional, classic, and versatile in its application. But it can be higher maintenance, especially when it’s outside. Vinyl is affordable and easy to clean. But can lack in strength and durability, and tends to fade in color. Steel is the strongest and most durable but is also the most expensive. Other options include aluminum, glass, cable, and more. Call us today to discuss more options for your project!
To tell if a deck is up to code, we look at foot size and depth, beams and posts, ledger boards, joists, railings, diagonal bracing, and stairs. Foot size and depth: They must be wide enough and deep enough for the location. Beams and posts: 4×4 and 6×6 are often used for good support, depending on the area of the deck and how high it is. Ledger boards: Ensure the deck is secured properly to share the load of its weight with the adjoining building and ground. Joists: Using the highest quality wood for these ensures the most stability. Railings and diagonal bracing: These may be required to address lateral movement on decks higher than 30 inches off the ground. Stairs: Best to consult your local code for stairs, as they can vary widely. Building for security and saftey should always be your top priority. Give us a call and we can help you figure out more of the details!
Start with a good inspection! Perhaps you just have a loose board. Perhaps there are serious issues. Do an inspection of the deck’s surface, posts, beams, joists, and fascia board. Just give it a good look over. Does the price of the repair of certain sections of the deck start to come close to a replacement cost? Then perhaps consider a replacement. If you can make the repair yourself, or it’s a small job for a professional, then the cost will likely be less than a replacement. Either way, give us a call and we can help you make a quick decision about what’s best for your situation.


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