Hiring Professional Deck Builders vs. DIY

A close view of stairs and rail deck build in Cambridge MA by Dexksos

A national survey of decks and homebuilders reported that there were over 30 million residential decks in the USA as of the mid-90s. The Freedonia Group published a study in 2020 that predicted these extensions to grow by 1.3% each year, reaching 3.6 billion lineal feet by 2023. These reports display the continued popularity of this extension since its introduction in the mass market. Adding this extension is a consideration that numerous homeowners keep in mind when looking at their different renovation options. 

One of the major questions homeowners have to ask themselves when deciding on a deck is whether to take up the project as a DIY or hire professional Deck Repair and construction specialists. 

DIY Deck Building Projects 

Contrary to popular belief, taking on a construction project as a DIY doesn’t always come at a lower cost. In most cases, individuals end up making amateurish mistakes that have to come out of their own pocket when handling expenses. If you’re working on a complicated project, hiring an established contractor is always recommended. However, if you would rather take the DIY approach it’s advisable to integrate a simple approach when it comes to design and construction. 

Luckily, the deck construction process itself isn’t extremely complicated, but it’s crucial to ensure the measurements and dimensions highlighted by the building codes in your region are met during the project. It’s crucial to remember that these regulations can vary from area to area. The general activities involved with building your deck include attaching a ledger, digging the footers, constructing the framework, and laying the decking. It’s worth noting that the aforementioned elements only represent the primary stages of a deck-building project, and you will need to familiarize yourself with processes such as installing the beams and different joists, building the stairs, and installing any potential features and upgrades such as audiovisual entertainment, heating solutions, and lighting fixtures. 

Hiring Professional Decking Contractors 

Hiring a professional for your decking project is highly recommended when looking to ensure quality results. There is a multitude of options to choose from, and identifying a suitable candidate might not be as simple as it sounds. Some of the aspects you should keep in mind when hiring a professional deck builder include: 

  • Additional services such as warranties that guarantee Deck Repair and replacement services for a period after installation. 
  • Your contractor holds a valid license to practice their business. 
  • The candidates considered have an established portfolio of previous work they have undertaken in this category. 
  • Insist on a face-to-face meeting before making your final decision to determine whether you can develop a smooth relationship with the candidate in question. 
  • Ask questions directed towards your actual project to gauge their potential for the venture you have in mind. 

NB: Opting for a candidate with at least three years of experience is advisable to ensure you choose a contractor who is already familiar with the building regulations of the region. 

If you’re looking for reliable deck-building projects at affordable rates, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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