How Much Does a 10X10 Deck Cost?

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Available space plays a crucial role in the overall size and design of a deck. If you’re working with small areas, implementing the average 400-square-foot extension might not be practical. Halving that average square footage can be a great solution in terms of spatial provisions and budgetary needs. 10X10, for instance, has become a popular option with Porch Builders in urban city settings.

Costs of a 100 Square Foot Deck

The cost of a 10X10 deck will firstly depend on the materials. Wood and composite decking have grown in popularity in recent years, proving excellent solutions for budgetary needs. Pressure-treated lumber represents the most affordable option, with this alternative available for approximately $500 to $650 for simple designs. Composite decking averages $1000 for a 10X10 layout.

The figures provided above represent the cost of the materials alone. You will also need to factor in labor costs, which are likely to average about $1000 for a 10X10 project. As such a 100-square-foot decking is likely to cost between $1500 and $2000 when working with wood or composite materials.

The candidate you choose for your deck-building project will determine the value for money you can enjoy with your project. We offer high-quality, affordable deck building provisions in the Cambridge area, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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