How to Apply for a Deck-building Permit

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Building a deck can have multiple benefits when the project is undertaken successfully. If you have never undertaken a decking project before, hiring a professional is essential to the quality of the end product. There are numerous issues to consider when one is planning this installation project. Most regions feature certain guidelines established by a municipality’s building authority to ensure the safety levels of any extension added to a home. 

One of the major issues many first-time remodelers tend to glance over is the necessary permits required to legally add a deck to your home. The lack of such a license can lead to hefty fines and enforced changes to its construction that could represent a significant financial setback. 

When Do You Need a Decking Permit? 

Local permits related to decking projects tend to vary from one region to another in terms of specifics, but the primary elements tend to be similar. Generally speaking, homeowners require a permit for their deck-building project when the extension is directly attached to the home – otherwise known as a fixed deck. The alternative to this is known as a floating deck and usually doesn’t require a building permit to erect. The unattached deck can be positioned right next to the house to hide the fixture’s actual detachment. This approach has been adopted by individuals seeking a traditional approach with their deck’s positioning without having to wait the extra weeks required for permit acquisition. The deck will also need to be less than 30 inches above ground, smaller than 200 square feet, and shouldn’t be positioned in front of the home’s exit. 

Apart from having your Cambridge MA Deck Builders erect a detached deck, some maintenance and repair activities don’t require a license. Replacing deck boards or tightening a loose section of railing, for instance, doesn’t require the permission of your local building authority. Aspects that influence the structural integrity of the extension such as the joists can require approval, however, from the relevant authorities. 

Stages of Acquiring a Decking Permit 

Homeowners planning to install a fixed deck in their homes are required to apply for a building permit from their local building department. The permit will have to be acquired before any construction can commence and must be posted in a prominent area around the building site. If it’s your first time undertaking such a project, hiring a professional to handle the application on your behalf is an effective means of speeding up the approval process. The first stage involves the submission of the necessary documents related to the construction of your extension. This includes scaled drawings of your deck, including details on the dimensions and measurements involved with the structure. You will also need to fill in an application form, pay the permit fees and submit a copy of the site plans involved. You will also need to submit a copy of your Cambridge MA Deck Builders permit when working with a contractor. A majority of local municipalities allow homeowners to complete the entire application process online. 

The permit process can take up to 30 days for review and approval, provided no mistakes are made with the application. If you would rather have an established contractor handle the process on your behalf, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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