Identifying a Suitable Deck for Your Home

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Investing in a home improvement project can have long-term benefits for individuals seeking to transform their home into a place that represents their personality and acts as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. There are numerous alternatives to choose from when it comes to remodeling ventures, but solutions can tend to be rather limiting when it comes to outdoor projects. Influencing the facade of a residence will either require a significant sum of money or subtle changes that don’t completely transform the area concerned. Installing a deck can be a great solution for individuals seeking to improve curb appeal and enhance the resale value of one’s home.

Deciding on the best deck for your home isn’t always as simple as it sounds. There are multiple aspects to consider when installing this extension to your residence. The numerous options available in the market give homeowners multiple decisions to make when considering the perfect solution for their needs. A few helpful strategies you can implement with your Deck Builders when seeking an ideal extension for your house include: 

Choosing the Right Materials 

The first element to consider is the best materials for your building needs. There are several decking options individuals can choose from when it comes to this category. Suitable options will be determined by aspects such as the environment, available budget, and personal preferences. Individuals looking for affordable options would do well to consider timber as their primary material of choice. Hardwoods such as ipe, teak, and oak are recommended because of their natural resistance to external elements, while softwoods such as pine and cedar also represent viable alternatives. Composite decks have also gained popularity in recent years because of their great value for money. Composite lumber is a manufactured component that is produced from a blend of wood and plastic fibers that are conjoined via a bonding agent. Metal alloys are a bit more expensive than most building materials but also feature superior levels of durability and longevity. 

Style and Design 

Another crucial element to consider with your decking options is the particular stylistic direction implemented with the extension’s design. If you’re looking to keep costs down, going for traditional square/rectangle dimensions is an effective means of reducing the labor costs involved with construction. Identifying the kind of deck you want beforehand is crucial to the planning process. Established contractors will generally offer free consultation services to help you choose the best decking design for your home. Several online apps allow you to design a deck on a virtual platform that gives you a 3D image of how your deck will look upon completion. A good way to avoid the licenses and permits related to deck construction is by opting for a detached/floating deck. These decks aren’t always governed by the building regulations of a local municipality. Multi-level decks have gained popularity in recent times, with the different levels allowing homeowners to develop dedicated spaces. Wraparound decks are an effective means of enhancing the square footage of the extension when working with limited space. 

Hiring a professional builder greatly enhances your chances of undertaking a successful decking project, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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