Identifying a Suitable Decking Contractor

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Decks have arguably become one of the more popular options available for exterior home improvement projects. Millions of homeowners have taken to adding this fixture to their residences because of the multiple benefits available with its installation. However, it should be noted that the integration of this extension doesn’t always represent a straightforward process and there are multiple factors to consider when considering this project. 

One of the major issues to consider with a deck-building venture is whether to hire a professional to handle the construction or opt for a DIY approach. Although this extension might seem like a simple structure, hiring a professional builder is always recommendable when seeking quality results. According to a report published by IBIS World, there are over 5000 deck and patio construction businesses operating in the US as of 2023, with this number projected to grow in the foreseeable future. As such, identifying suitable Cambridge MA Deck Builders for your particular needs requires an effective strategy to ensure you find the right fit. 

Some helpful tips you can implement when looking to hire reliable decking contractors for your project include: 

Identify Candidates with Extensive Portfolios 

Past projects should be one of the main criteria used to identify a reliable contractor and as such it’s always wise to find candidates with portfolios featuring substantial information. The amount of information provided with a portfolio is a good way of determining the credibility of a particular candidate. A portfolio should feature more than one picture of the structure (preferably including before and after pictures), a short description of the project, and a testimonial from the client involved. There should also be a wide collection of different types of decks in their portfolio. The portfolio should feature at least five or more projects with detailed information to qualify as a credible reference source. 

Ask About Licensing and Insurance 

Another crucial element to consider when seeking reliable Cambridge MA Deck Builders is the matter of licensing and insurance. All professional contractors need to have a license to legally operate their business. This certification ensures the workforce is efficiently qualified to perform their duties according to the industry standards of the market. The lack of a license means that proper deck installation cannot be guaranteed. You can confirm whether a contractor’s license is valid by running the number or the business name through the local municipality’s online portal. Your contractor should also be insured to ensure that you’re not financially responsible for any potential accidents that happen during the project. 

Schedule Face-to-face Meetings 

Insisting on face-to-face meetings gives you a better chance of determining whether you can develop an effective working relationship. It also allows you to visit a candidate’s headquarters, which is a good way to judge the capacity of a workforce. Businesses that operate in the back office of a dilapidated building, for instance, might not be the best candidates for major projects requiring high levels of quality. 

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