Improving your Deck’s Durability

The primary objective of deck maintenance activities is to enhance longevity and improve durability. This section greatly improves the hosting capacity of a residence and provides an excellent entertainment alternative when it’s too hot to stay indoors. Some effective ways to enhance the durability of this section include:

Sealing your Deck

Applying a sealer to the deck surface is a great way to protect it against stains and scratching, improving durability in the process. A suitable sealer option will depend on the material you’re dealing with. Oil-based sealers are generally considered more effective than water-based alternatives when dealing with wood and composite decking.

Power wash your Deck

You should make a point of pressure washing your deck at least once every 6 months to get rid of any stubborn debris stuck between the planks. This approach is also an effective way of getting rid of any potential traces of fungi that could lead to rot or molding in the long run.

Professional Inspections

Hiring an established contractor to give your deck an expert inspection can help you highlight any underlying problems before they get too serious. Some issues such as rotting footers or deck joists might be hard for an amateur to notice. Hiring a professional ensures you don’t miss such potential threats to your structure. For affordable, quality deck inspection services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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