Maintaining your Wooden Deck

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Adding a deck or a patio to your home or commercial property has long been one of the more effective ways of making the residence stand out. Although these fixtures have been around for at least a century, they properly came to the forefront of the residential market in the 1980s. Before that, this fixture was considered an elegant addition that was generally integrated into elegant manor and mansion designs. The progress made in the construction industry changed this trend, however, as these extensions became easier to build. 

Another reason for the sudden rise of decks in normal residential homes is the increased availability of wood as a construction material. The lumber industry was able to progress in leaps and bounds during the industrial revolution, where machinery made it easier to provide massive loads of lumber as a construction material – drastically reducing the price in the process. As such, wood has become one of the more popular options when it comes to decking construction materials. 

Caring for your Wooden Deck 

Cambridge MA Deck Builders recommend wood as a great option for a decking project. They also warn about the need to ensure it gets the proper TLC it deserves to preserve its longevity and quality. Unlike some more solid options in the market such as concrete and stainless steel, lumber decking can be quite delicate when not given proper attention. Some effective means of accomplishing this objective include: 

Regular Cleaning 

One of the easiest ways to care for your deck is by keeping a clean deck surface which is extremely simple to do. Sweeping the area regularly is a great way to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris which can encourage rot and infestation. The regularity with which you clean the area will depend on the environment surrounding the extension. If you live in a windy area, for instance, sweeping the area at least once a day is recommended. However, in most circumstances, conducting a thorough sweep at least once a week is acceptable. You should also mop the area with some warm water and a pH-neutral soap to enhance results. Pressure washing the deck, however, isn’t recommended as it can damage the surface. 

Applying a Sealer 

A sealant offers an extra layer of protection for the decking surface and is also a great way to enhance the aesthetics of the area. Cambridge MA Deck Builders recommend cleaning the deck and sanding down any uneven areas and splinters before applying the sealer for better results. If your deck is exposed to direct sunlight, you might want to consider staining your deck as it offers additional UV protection as well as darkens the hue of the surface. Sealing your deck at least once every two years is recommended to maintain its effectiveness. 

Address any Physical Defaults ASAP 

Any cracks, splinters, or broken planks on the decking surface should be addressed immediately. This is especially true when dealing with threats such as rot and molding which tend to spread quite quickly and if not addressed as soon as possible could lead to the replacement of the entire structure. 

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