Maintaining your Wooden Deck

A close view of stairs and rail deck build in Cambridge MA by Dexksos

Millions of homes in the US alone feature wooden decks, and their presence have only continued to gain traction over the years as more homeowners integrate this addition with their home remodeling projects.

Some effective maintenance strategies recommended by professional Deck Repair and Building specialists include:

Regular Sealing

Applying a sealer to your deck is an effective means of providing extra protection against external elements. This is especially crucial when dealing with natural, untreated wood as they’re more susceptible to attacks such as weather deterioration, molding, and infestation. You should conduct this activity every one to two years.

Regular Cleaning

It’s crucial to sweep your deck at least once each day, especially when entirely it’s exposed to the outdoors with no sort of deck walls or closed railing blocking the passing winds. Failure to do so will allow debris to collect and this can encourage the invasion of various pests and problems such as dry rot.

Regular Inspection

It’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of your deck at least once every six months to catch any underlying problems early on. Ensuring there are no signs of rot, molding or infestation is crucial in preventing such problems from spreading through the entire surface. For quality deck inspection services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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