Popular Deck Innovations in 2023

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Your deck can serve as more than just an entryway to your home, with several possible renovation projects having the capacity to transform this area into an entertainment and leisure section that can host small gatherings for friends and family. Enhancing the functionality of this extension is also a great way to not only improve residential curb appeal and raise the potential resale value of the home. 

Some of the popular deck innovations implemented by Cambridge MA Deck Builders in 2023 include: 

Deck Skirting 

Deck skirting refers to a barrier that’s installed around the base of your extension, blocking the underbelly of the fixture. It has become a popular feature with many residences in the past few years and is a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of the structure. Apart from improving appearance, skirting can be a useful means of improving functionality by keeping away small creatures that might otherwise take up abode in this section, as well as stopping any trash from blowing under the structure. Introducing this enclosure can also offer additional storage space for tools and other items. 

Designated Zones 

Another common decking trend in recent years has been the implementation of bespoke designated zones to accommodate the interests of homeowners and their loved ones. These areas can be customized to integrate various solutions with some of the more popular options found in most homes including an audiovisual system for watching movies, a pool table, and an outdoor eating area. It should be noted that you might need to enhance the security of your deck depending on the content of your designated area and access to your home. 

Recessed Floor Lighting 

Lighting is a crucial part of any deck’s design when it comes to safety standards. It’s essential to ensure this area is properly lit to improve visibility levels and avoid accidents. How you integrate this requirement can also influence the aesthetics and ambiance implemented with the structure. Recessed floor lighting has become popular with individuals looking to instigate a warm and welcoming environment. As the name suggests, these fixtures are set into the deck’s base and generally sit flush with the surface. The lights can be set along the edges of the deck to avoid any potential damage from foot traffic. One of the main complications of this feature, however, is its upkeep. Their positioning means that it can be difficult to access the lights should you need to change a bulb or make repairs. 

Integrating Fire Fixtures 

Adding a fire fixture to your deck is a great way to enhance comfort levels and bring about a sense of traditional elegance that can’t be accomplished with more modern climate control solutions. The primary options to choose from in this category include wood, gas, and electric fireplaces. More and more people are turning away from wood for gas and electric solutions as a means of implementing an eco-friendly approach with this fixture. 

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