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Custom Features

We Create Unique Custom Features for Your Dream Deck

Custom features transform your deck into a personalized outdoor living space that meets your specific needs and desires. Dexksos offers various custom options, from built-in seating to outdoor kitchens, ensuring your deck is as unique as you are.

Unique Custom Features by Dexksos

Custom Stairs

Unique stair sets are functional and walkable sculptural art. Dexksos placed the initial stones and carefully measured their elevations to line up with the correct step height.

Cedar Pergola Deck

Lexington, MA

A pergola is a great accent piece that can work to define the space and add extra shade. Bonus, it works great for hanging lights or screens! This is a stunning mahogany deck is complemented by a cedar pergola, meticulously crafted by the Dexksos team during the summer months.

Custom Bench

Designed for your comfort and crafted with premium materials, elevate comfort and style with a custom bench addition! 

Custom Shower

Designed for your comfort and crafted with premium materials, elevate your shower experience with a custom design!

Fire and Pool Integrations

Dive into refreshing poolside bliss or gather around the fire pit! These precision-crafted integrations are tailored to fit your deck’s layout for a seamless space.

Fire and Pool Integrations

Experience the joy of a refreshing poolside retreat or the warmth of a cozy fire pit! These expertly crafted additions are designed to seamlessly integrate with your deck’s layout, creating the perfect outdoor haven.

Experience And Reliability

Let our experts bring your dream backyard to life!

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