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Multi-Level Decks

We Design Multi-Level Decks for Expansive Outdoor Living

Multi-level decks offer a versatile outdoor living space, perfect for homes with varying elevations or those wanting distinct areas for different activities. Dexksos specializes in designing and building multi-level decks that maximize your outdoor space’s potential.

Our Multi-Level Deck Projects

3 Story Deck

Jamacia Plain, MA

Complete rebuild of this triple-decker in the tight city space of this 100 year-old, 3 unit building. With a roof over 40 ft high, Dexksos framed all three levels, each watertight to the one below it. The trim details were matched to preserve its historic charm.

2 Story Deck

Cambridge, MA

A double-decker remodel features cedar decking, painted mahogany railings, and an extensive set of stairs. This project truly transformed the outdoor space for the entire house.

Experience And Reliability

Let our experts bring your dream backyard to life!

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