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Railing Styles

We Offer Stylish Railings for Every Deck Design

Railings are essential for safety and can enhance your deck’s aesthetic appeal. Dexksos offers a variety of railing styles to suit any deck design, from traditional to modern, ensuring your deck is both secure and stylish.

Our Railing Installations

Wood Railing

Despite its raw appearance, we meticulously applied a transparent waterproofing polymer to all sides of this wood railing beforehand, ensuring maximum protection and durability against the elements.

IPE Cable Combo Railing

A cable railing system is one the best ways to maximize the view – a modern style that complements the classic 4×4 IPE posts. Atlantis Rail Systems is Dexksos go-to supplier.

Mahogany Railing with Water Seal

Mahogany Cable Combo Railing

Black Aluminum Cedar Combo Railing

The cedar and black aluminum railing system is a clean look that’s built to last, for a whole new and stylish lounging space.

Custom Railing

Featuring a classic colonial railing, Dexksos design team is unparalleled in skill and happy to help create your dream-deck aesthetic!

Experience And Reliability

Let our experts bring your dream backyard to life!

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