Refurbishing your Old Deck

Marthas vineyard deck building project by Dexksos the best deck builders in Cambridge MA

A deck is considered a significant highlight of any home and features multiple benefits for the homeowner. It’s a great fixture to add when looking to enhance the resale value of your house, and its presence can also greatly enhance the curb appeal of the property. These advantages, however, can only be enjoyed when the fixture is in tip-top shape. If you’re dealing with a crumbling fixture that’s on its last legs, you’re likely to face a fine or even a demolition notice – rather than enjoy any benefits from the structure. 

If you have a deck in your home that happens to be getting on in years, hiring Deck Repair professionals to refurbish the structure is essential not only to the structure’s functionality but to the resident’s safety as well. Some effective ways you can accomplish this objective include: 

Initiate an Official Inspection 

The first thing you should do before commencing any activities is having an inspector give the structure a once-over to identify the crucial aspects you need to address. Although some damaged sectors might be visible to an amateur, some sectors such as the underbelly, decking frame, lags, and screws will require a professional eye. Hiring an expert to give you a comprehensive report on what areas need to be addressed will ensure that you don’t miss any crucial elements. This is an essential aspect to keep in mind when looking to adhere to the deck-building codes of your region. Failure to meet these criteria can lead to heavy fines. 

Sanding Down Your Deck 

It should be noted that sanding down your deck regularly isn’t a recommendable strategy as this will weaken the boards in the long run. If your deck doesn’t readily comply with any varnish or stain, this is a clear sign that the wood pores have been damaged – meaning you’re past this stage of Deck Repair. However, if you’re dealing with a fairly recent deck that’s only a few years old and hasn’t been subjected to this process on multiple occasions – then sanding the fixture can be an effective means of developing a fresh surface to work with. You will first need to clean the area to remove any stains and debris before you start. Professionals advise sanding in the direction of the wood grain to prevent any excessive damage to the lumber. 60 or 80-grit sandpaper is also recommended for the best results. 

Staining your Deck 

Staining your deck is a great way to get your deck looking good as new. Considering the fact a deck is an outdoor structure, the weather can play a crucial role in the potential success you enjoy with this endeavor. It’s advisable to avoid days that are too hot, humid, or wet when planning to stain your extension. Contractors generally recommend waiting until the late spring or beginning of fall to take on this task. The stain should be applied in long, even strokes, while a paintbrush can be used to access problem areas, such as in between the cracks. 

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