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A deck is a great way to enhance the capacity and functionality of your home, as well as increase its potential resale value. Several reports indicate that millions of homes across the country feature decks with their designs, with a majority of these extensions constructed from lumber. The proper care and maintenance of your deck are crucial to its longevity and a failure to do so can lead to the need for a replacement before its stated lifespan. 

Signs your Deck Needs Repairing or Replacing 

Some of the primary signs that you might need to contact professional Deck Builders for repair or replacement services include: 

Visible Damage – Obvious and significant damage to your deck is one of the clearest signs that you need a replacement. This can include multiple broken planks, rotting footers, or a sagging structure. 

Building Code Violations – If you hired an amateur builder or happened to approach the project as a DIY, there’s a chance that a few regulation standards might have been overlooked during the construction of the extension. These oversights might not be easy to identify and the best way to source them out can be through an official inspection. Some of these violations can include railing and deck measurements, stair step spacing, and positioning. Failure to adhere to these codes can lead to hefty fines. 

Signs of Wood Rot – Rot is one of the more serious threats to a wooden deck. One small spot can quickly spread to affect the entire structure if not immediately addressed. If a significant area of your deck has been affected by rot, replacing the entire structure is advisable. 

Upgrade Requirements – In some cases, hiring Deck Builders can be a result of the need to upgrade your extension to suit home renovations or make it more amenable to climatic conditions. Replacing a softwood deck with composite decking in a tropical area, for example, can be seen as a viable solution when looking to avoid chronic repairs.

Rusted Fittings and Fixtures – A common mistake with many amateur deck-building projects is the implementation of the wrong metal alloy for their framework. Options such as iron don’t do well in extreme environments and will lead to rusting and weakening structures. If your footers and other fittings and fixtures are experiencing significant levels of rust, then an overhaul during replacement might represent a practical solution. 

What to Consider with a Deck Replacement 

Some of the elements you should keep in mind when considering a deck replacement include: 

  • Consider warranty applications – If you worked with an established decking contractor for your initial deck installation venture there’s a likelihood you might not have to go into your pocket as a result of warranties that guarantee free repair and replacement services for a limited period. If your framework is getting rusty, for instance, your warranty might contain a clause that allows you to have it replaced free of charge. 
  • Make a point of implementing higher-quality material with your replacement to ensure you’re not back in the same place after a few years. Replacing natural lumber with pressure-treated alternatives, for example, can enhance longevity by a few decades. 

If you’re seeking quality deck replacement services at affordable costs, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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