Rising Trends in the Decking Market

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One of the surest ways of enhancing your home’s curb appeal is through the installation of a deck. These extensions have grown in popularity in the past decade, with a report in the Forestry Chronicle journal reporting that a 2005 US census found that approximately 82% of residences in the US feature an outdoor living space that consisted of patios, decks, and balconies. In a report published by statistics website Statista, the number of single-family homes with decks rose between 2010 and 2021, reflecting the popularity of these fixtures in the residential market. 

There are multiple issues to consider when considering the addition of a deck to one’s home. Various aspects such as finances, building restrictions, and regulatory guidelines will play a significant role in the kind of deck that can be integrated into a house – but there is still a wide range of options available to homeowners considering this venture. 

Some of the leading trends that have taken over the decking market in recent years include: 

Sustainable Building 

Sustainable (or green) building refers to construction processes that undertake an environmentally responsible approach to their activities. This trend has come to the forefront with Cambridge MA Deck Builders as the construction industry has recognized the need to lower their carbon footprint with the provision of their services. One of the primary goals of sustainable building is the full utilization of resources to minimize waste in the short and long term. Some effective ways individuals can adopt sustainability with their decking project include integrating materials such as timber woods like redwood, Douglas fir, and pine which are fast-growing trees that feature low carbon emissions. Composite decking is also a great sustainable option as they’re generally produced from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. 

Installing Pergolas 

Another popular option common with deck-building projects in recent years has been the installation of pergolas. Pergolas are structures that are made of columns supporting roofing beams. The addition of these fixtures is a great way to enhance the aesthetic levels of your deck as well as improve functionality in the process. The simplicity of their construction means that they can be built on raised platforms without affecting the integrity of the supporting structure. The pergola can cover the entire deck or cover a section of the extension that serves as a seating area. Individuals thinking about taking the natural approach can integrate climbing vines around the columns and in between the beams and rafters to provide extra shade when the sun is at its highest point. 

Recessed Lighting 

Efficient lighting is an essential aspect when it comes to the potential safety levels of your deck. Ensuring that your extension features clear visibility lowers the likelihood of accidents and also enhances the security levels of this space. Lighting can also be used to affect the aesthetics and ambiance of this area through mood lighting that encourages certain atmospheres. Recessed lighting has become a popular solution as this solution can kill two birds with one stone. Cambridge MA Deck Builders can install these fixtures underneath the railing or along the sides of the steps along the staircase. 

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