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Signs You Need a Deck Remodel

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If you purchased your house with an existing deck, you might not be sure about the ins and outs of caring for and maintaining a deck. In some cases, if you wait too long you might need to overhaul the entire structure.

Some clear signs that you need to consider a Deck Repair and remodel project for your extension include:

Crack, Splintered, and Loose Boards

If large sections of the decking surface are deteriorating in terms of quality and functionality, it’s definitely time for a remodel. Loose floorboards can represent a tripping hazard, while splintered sections can draw blood if someone hits them at an unfortunate angle. These attributes also significantly impact the overall aesthetic value of the area.

Extensive Water Damage, Mold or Rot

If large sections of the deck are suffering from maladies such as molding or rot, it should be addressed immediately. Issues such as molding and rotting wood, for instance, aren’t only devastating to the structure but represent health hazards as well. These elements can cause respiratory issues when left to fester for an extended period.

Erosion around the Footings

Erosion around the deck’s posts and footings is a sign that the stability of the structure might be compromised. This is a natural process that occurs in every home so it’s advisable to check for such signs every few years. For reliable deck rebuilding services, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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