Stages of a Deck-building Project

A deck can be a great hangout place for the whole family. If you have a deck repair project in mind or want to build one from scratch, there are some primary stages you should anticipate if you’re planning on a DIY approach. However, deck construction should be left to professional Cambridge MA Deck Builders, if quality is an essential part of your objective.

Some of the primary stages include:

  1. Prepare the site: This means you should clear the area of any weeds. Also, ensure that you mark where the ledger board is to be placed as well as the position of the footings, posts, and support beams.
  2. Installing the footings and posts: This involves digging holes into which the metal posts will be fitted. The metal posts should then be filled with wet concrete and left to dry. Most decks require one or two support beams depending on the size of the deck.
  3. Lay the decking: There are multiple options available with decking material, including regular lumber, pressure-treated lumber, and synthetic lumber.
  4. Add the stairway and railing: This activity usually represents the final steps but is only necessary if you have a raised deck. However, you should check your area’s permit requirements as they can vary from region to region.

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