Stages of a Professional Deck-Building Project

Mid framing from hot tub side deck build in Cambridge MA by Decksos

If you’ve never built a deck before, the multiple stages and activities involved can leave you feeling a bit lost. Although putting your trust in professionals is an advisable strategy, familiarizing yourself with the different stages can help clear any confusion during the project. Several primary stages are involved with deck construction, they include:

Preparing the Surface

The first thing the deck builders will do is prepare the surface allocated for the deck. This involves ensuring the ground is level and can offer firm and sturdy support for a weighted structure. The kind of preparations taken will depend on whether you’re laying the deck directly on the ground, or installing it above-ground.

Laying the Foundation

In this stage, the builders will first need to identify where the holes for the footings will be dug and mark them clearly. After digging the holes, cement is mixed and placed inside with flee-standing footers. You can also choose to insert a j-bolt with the concrete and install the deck post when everything is dry.

Building the Overlying Structure

Once the foundation has been appropriately addressed the finished framework will then be constructed. This will involve setting the beams, laying the decking, and installing the railings. We offer high-quality deck-building services in town, so call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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