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Stages of Building a Deck

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One of the more popular solutions available with exterior remodeling ventures is deck-building projects. This option offers a wide roster of benefits when done correctly, with this addition projected to experience positive growth over the next few years. Two of the main reasons that individuals add these extensions to their houses are enhanced curb appeal and increased resale value. Multiple reports have concluded that the integration of a deck into one’s home can recoup up to 70% of the investment involved on average. This is quite a significant ROI, but one that can only be enjoyed with the proper application of your decking project. 

If you have never taken on a deck-building project before, familiarizing yourself with what to expect is a good way to prepare for the venture, as well as judge the progress taking place. Although decking projects are not set in stone in terms of stages, there are primary phases that can’t be avoided by professional Deck Builders. They include: 

Planning and Design 

The first stage of the building process involves planning and designing the extension. The planning stage involves determining aspects such as scheduling the most ideal time to begin construction, the best placement for the fixture, and deciding on the particular design to be implemented with its construction. Hiring a professional deck-builder is recommended as they will have more experience with the process, allowing them to identify the best options for your particular needs. They will also have the tools and supply network required to provide the necessary construction materials. Professional contractors will also take a shorter time to build the extension. 

Permit Application 

Almost all regions in the United States feature building codes and regulations that must be adhered to for the fixture to be considered a legal addition to your residence. The primary purpose of these guidelines is to ensure decks feature adequate safety levels when constructed. These guidelines vary from region to region but generally address the same elements including the addition of railing systems, the span of stair treads, and the placement of the ledgers to name a few. Hiring a professional contractor is crucial in this regard as they’ll be more familiar with these regulations. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to hefty fines and a demolition notice. Applying for a permit can take up to two weeks to a month depending on the region involved. In Cambridge, Massachusetts a deck permit generally takes up to 30 minutes after the payment of the permit has been processed. 

Preparing the Site and Construction 

The next stage involves getting the site ready for the construction process. This involves elements such as marking the area to be covered by the deck, including the positioning of the deck’s footers. The next step involves clearing the area of any grass, rocks, and debris occupying the area. Adding mulch to the area or gravel and pebbles is a good way to suppress weeds from growing again. The main aim of this stage is for Deck Builders to make the workspace as level as possible. Once the area has been prepared, the construction process can begin. 

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