Transforming your Deck into an Entertainment Area

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Your deck is a great area to consider when looking to upgrade the capacity and aesthetics of your home. Numerous studies have also reported that the addition of this extension automatically enhances the residence’s potential resale value should a homeowner choose to place it on the market. One of the more popular uses of this section is its application as an entertainment area. Customizing this area into a hosting space can be accomplished with a few smart upgrades. 

Some effective ways Cambridge MA Deck Builders can transform your deck into an amazing entertainment area include: 

Integrating a Seating Area 

The first aspect to consider is the furnishings involved with the section. The kind of pieces you integrate with your setup will depend on the design of your deck, including features such as awnings and walls. If this space doesn’t feature adequate cover against the elements, it’s essential to ensure you identify furniture that’s designed for the outdoors. Materials such as wicker furniture, for instance, are a great option for seating that can withstand both sunshine and rain. Aluminum and stainless steel pieces are recommendable for enhanced longevity and durability, while PVC seating offers a lightweight option that will not be ruined by the rain and can be easily moved indoors during more extreme weather. You can add cushions to the furniture to enhance comfort levels. 

Improved Lighting 

An important element when developing an entertainment space that many people don’t consider is the integration of efficient lighting. Most people tend to think of the daytime when they’re planning the design of their hosting space, failing to realize that this approach could limit the overall experience as evening turns into night. Whereas the traditional porch light might prove effective when simply providing visibility for individuals to make their way across the deck, further enhancement of lighting fixtures could positively influence the overall ambiance of the area – creating a more suitable atmosphere for outdoor gatherings when the sun sets. One of the popular approaches recommended by many Cambridge MA Deck Builders is the installation of recessed lighting, which offers adequate visibility, enhanced aesthetics, and a receptive atmosphere. Other popular deck lighting designs include string lights along the frame and railing of your deck. Floor lanterns, overhead festoons, and pendant lights are other means of providing enhanced lighting and creating a festive mood. It should be noted that there’s a difference between mood and security lighting, with the former designed to encourage a cheery atmosphere and the latter used to deter potential home invasions. 

Installing Audiovisual Equipment 

Integrating audiovisual equipment into your deck’s design might not be as simple as it sounds. There are multiple issues you’ll need to consider when taking this approach. Some of the elements to keep in mind with this venture include security, practicality, and functionality. It’s crucial to integrate outdoor equipment when it comes to speakers and monitors to ensure they can withstand the elements. Equipment designed for indoors will likely break down in a few weeks. Installing hidden speakers or placing a grill around the fixtures is also a good way to enhance security and prevent the potential theft of your equipment. 

If you’re looking to transform your deck into an amazing entertainment space, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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