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Trending Deck Innovations in 2023

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Deck construction projects are arguably one of the more popular options available in the exterior remodeling market. According to an industry study published by the Freedonia Group in 2020, the US decking market was projected to reach a valuation of over $3 billion by the end of 2023, reflecting the rise in demand for these fixtures in the market. 60% of this demand is expected to come from the residential sector, with 9% coming from the commercial sector and 32% coming from the non-building market. 

One of the major reasons behind the growing popularity of deck construction projects is their versatility. These structures offer a wide variety of options when it comes to size, design, and appearance, meaning there is a solution for all potential clients. Some of the trending deck innovations that Cambridge MA Deck Builders have noticed in 2023 include: 

Sustainable Decking 

More and more people are realizing the importance of adopting eco-friendly strategies with their remodeling activities in a bid to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The implementation of sustainable materials with deck-building ventures has thus come to the forefront in many regions across the country. There are a wide variety of options to choose from in this category including composite lumber, reclaimed wood, and geopolymer concrete. All alternatives offer excellent solutions when it comes to aesthetics, and represent cost-effective alternatives allowing homeowners to kill three birds with one stone – so to speak. 

Multi-level Decking 

Multi-level decks refer to decking designs that are segregated into different sectors by implementing a tiered strategy – where each sector is placed a bit higher than the former as it progresses toward the house. This storied approach is excellent for sloping landscapes and can be a good way to divide your deck, dedicating each part to a different function such as a cooking, dining, and seating area. They also offer an elegant appearance and can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your home. It should be noted that these kinds of decks require more space than traditional designs and will generally cost more to construct. However, they represent great value for money in terms of their return on investment. 

Stylish Deck Lighting 

The traditional porchlight has also been replaced by more attractive integrated systems. One of the more popular options in this category includes recessed lighting that can be installed along the floor, stair treads, and railings of the extension. You can also integrate smart lighting that allows individuals to control aspects such as brightness and colors and can be accessed remotely. In recent times deck lighting has shifted from simply providing a functional role in terms of visibility and safety to influencing other elements such as the mood and atmosphere of the area. Individuals have also started to opt for LED lighting rather than traditional fluorescent options. Security lights with motion-sensor systems have also gained a lot of traction in many residential settings, as they represent an energy-saving option and are great for people who would rather not have glaring lights turned on for the whole night. 

We offer a wide array of decking innovations for a multitude of needs at affordable rates, so call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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