Utilizing Space During Deck Construction

A deck can be a great means of increasing the square footage of your residence. If you can only build a small to medium-sized porch for some reason, utilizing the space you have available can prove essential.

Some of the ways you can utilize space when constructing a deck include:

Implement a Wraparound Design

If you don’t have the room to cover a large surface area with your porch, you can hire deck builders to construct a deck that wraps around your house. If width isn’t a viable option, utilizing length represents a suitable solution. If you have a flexible budget, you can have the deck wrap around both sides of the house, and create additional doorways to the sides of your residence.

Developing a Multi-level Approach

A multi-level approach is a great way to implement spatial improvisation. Stacked levels not only offer a sense of increased space but allow you to dedicate different functionalities at different stages. The first deck can be used for grilling purposes, while the second deck can be used as the hosting area.

Utilizing the Space Beneath

If you’re building a high deck, you can utilize the area underneath for different purposes. You can cultivate a small garden, for instance, or install a series of cupboards for storage space. Your high deck must be sturdy enough to provide a safe space underneath. We offer the best deck solutions in town, so call us today! Dekxsos, your top-rated contractor!

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