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What to Ask Your Decking Contractor

A close view of western red cedar deck building material used by Dexksos the best deck builders in Cambridge MA

When you finally decide to have a deck repair project done, you can decide to DIY or hire contractors like Cambridge MA Deck Builders. When you decide on getting a porch builder to do the job for you, you have to consider the following things to ask them.

Are you specialized?

Having a deck builder with experience in deck building instead of just a regular contractor means you enjoy a specialized approach with your project.

Who will handle permit requirements?

Most Porch Builders will handle the permits, but some might not provide this service, and you’ll need to tackle this requirement on your own.

How do you handle unexpected problems?

Any construction job is liable to have unforeseen problems, and it’s best to have a clear plan for when they occur so that both you and the deck contractor have established a mutual understanding.

What is your estimated time of completion?

If you want the deck builder to complete the deck as soon as possible, you will need to voice your concern early on and establish a set ETA.

What are your references?

You can check on a deck-building contractor’s past jobs and see if your vision and plan for the deck fit in with your current contractor.

Do you have a warranty?

The lack of a warranty is a deal-breaker as it ensures you will be compensated in case of any problems that occur after the completion of the deck. Have you decided on a deck builder for your project? If not, call us today! Dexksos is your top-rated contractor!

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