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What to Ask your Decking Contractor

If you’re thinking about a means of enhancing the exterior aesthetics of your house, adding a deck is a great way to accomplish this objective. There are numerous aspects to consider with such a venture. Scheduling an initial consultation is the least you can do to enhance your knowledge on the subject.

Some of the questions you should ask when interviewing Cambridge MA Deck Builders for your project include:

Do you Have Insurance and a License?

Any contracting service worth its salt will have an official license. You can ascertain the validity of this certification through several online directories dedicated to the provision of this information. Insurance coverage also ensures you’re not saddled with unexpected expenses.

Will you Handle Permit Requirements?

Permits are not only centered on the application process. You’ll need to submit several documents for approval by the building authority. This includes ensuring your extension adheres to all the building codes related to its construction. Most established firms will handle the application on your behalf.

What are your References?

Acquainting yourself with their past work is crucial when dealing with candidates from secondary sources. Having them provide a reference for recent work is a good way to gauge their quality. If you’re looking to set up a decking project with expert providers, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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