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What to Consider when Designing your Deck

The planning stage is a crucial part of any deck-building project. If you’ve never undertaken such a project before, hiring a Deck Repair and design expert can greatly enhance your chances of success.

Some of the major aspects you should consider when designing your deck include:

Square Footage

The first element to consider is the size of your deck. This aspect will determine additional issues such as the need for a permit. Most regions require individuals to apply for a deck-building permit if the structure is 30 inches above the ground and features certain square footage. It’s also worth noting the bigger the size the higher the construction costs.


Regional building codes can also affect the positioning of your deck. If you would like to add this structure to the side of your home, for instance, you’ll need to ensure that the extension doesn’t cover window basements that represent areas of egress, or don’t block any systems such as ventilation and air conditioning.

Additional Upgrades

If you’re planning on using your deck as an additional hosting space, including a couple of entertainment upgrades with this section can help you achieve this purpose. You can add a grill on one corner, for instance, when looking to host weekend barbecues. For high-quality, affordable decking solutions, call us today! Dexksos, your top rated contractor!

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